Trainer Types

Mechanical Modules

Basic Hydraulic Trainer

Model TC2000B-S / TC2000B-D

This basic hydraulic training aid is built on a sturdy welded structural aluminum frame with heavy-duty caster for easy portability. The trainer is available as a single sided (-S) or a double sided (-D) unit and can accommodate up to four students per side.

Basic Hydraulic TrainerEach component is rigidly attached to the component panel to eliminate the potential for lost or misplaced items. This also reduces set-up time prior to the class. Each component is labeled with a description and the correct ANSI hydraulic symbol. All components are fitted with quick disconnect nipples and the hose assemblies are fitted with quick disconnect couplings. The hose assemblies are used to connect the appropriate components to form a circuit presented in the student exercise manual. 

Model TC2000B-S 

The student exercise manual for this hydraulic trainer contains 18 or more (depending on options) exercises to demonstrate basic hydraulic principles. Some of these principles are directional control of a cylinder, sequence operation of two cylinders using pressure sequence control valves, and proper flow control placement in a circuit. With the addition of the accumulator option, typical applications of an accumulator and discharge valve are demonstrated.

There is also available an electro-hydraulic option for this trainer. This option replaces the solenoid-operated valve on the basic unit with a proportional directional valve and electronic valve driver, and adds a position sensor to one of the hydraulic cylinders. This option provides the capability of demonstrating electronic proportional flow control, directional control, and closed loop position control.

Hydraulic Trainer with Load Control

Model TC2000BL-S / TC2000BL-D

Basic Hydraulic Trainer Model TC2000BL-S/TC2000BL-DThis hydraulic training aid is an enhanced version of the model TC2000B trainer discussed above. It incorporates a specially designed circuit that applies a simulated load on the vertically mounted cylinder, which can be engaged and disengaged at the push of a button. In addition to the principles demonstrated with the basic unit, this trainer demonstrates the proper use of load holding devices. This unit is available as a single sided or double-sided trainer.

Model TC2000BLA-S

All trainers are provided with a student exercise manual and an instructor’s manual in printed format and on CD-ROM for reproduction.

* The unit shown above also has the accumulator option added.