Trainer Types

Mechanical Modules

Electro-Hydraulic Trainer

Model: TC2000EH

This electro-hydraulic training aid is built on a sturdy welded structural aluminum frame with heavy-duty caster for easy portability and uses all industrial style components. This trainer is a valuable tool for teaching the advanced fundamentals of hydraulic control and electric control of hydraulic functions. This trainer is equipped with a variable volume/constant pressure hydraulic system and the exercises for this trainer are designed to demonstrate the advantages of this type of system. A student exercise manual is provided that illustrates up to 14 exercises that demonstrate fundamentals such as directional control and proportional control of pressure, flow and direction.

Electro-Hydraulic TrainerThis trainer is equipped with a programmable logic controller (PLC) and the cylinders are fitted with end-of-stroke sensors. These devices are used to demonstrate sequential cylinder control. The sensors and the valve coils are connected to the PLC using patch cords to create several automated sequence operations. One cylinder is fitted with a position sensor which, when used with the electronic proportional valve driver, demonstrates closed loop position control of a cylinder. This trainer demonstrates advanced principles in industrial hydraulic systems and aids in analyzing hydraulic system problems.

Model: TC2000EH-S

All major components are securely mounted on an aluminum panel and are clearly identified with the correct ANSI symbol. Students need only to identify the correct component for the exercise and make the proper connections using the quick-disconnect hose assemblies. The low voltage electrical connections are made with the color-coded patch cords provided. This training aid is available as a single sided unit or a double-sided unit; each side can accommodate up to four students.

This trainer is provided with a student exercise manual and an instructor’s manual in printed format and on CD-ROM for reproduction.