Trainer Types

Mechanical Modules

Electro-Pneumatic Trainer


This integrated hands-on training aid has the same features as our basic pneumatic trainer plus additional components to introduce students to the principles of electro-pneumatics. An extensive student exercise manual is provided that illustrates many exercises that demonstrate the various pneumatic principles. This trainer has a small programmable logic controller (PLC) installed that is used to demonstrate the sequential control of one, two, or three cylinders in automated functions. The cylinders are fitted with end-of-stroke sensors, which provide feedback signals to the PLC. The PLC is connected to these sensors and to the valve coils using the color-coded patch cords provided.

Electro-Pneumatic Trainer TC2000P-EPAll major components are securely attached to the aluminum panel. This eliminates the potential of lost or misplaced items and reduces set-up time for each class. All components are supplied with push-to-connect fittings and two sizes of plastic tubing are provided for easy connection to form the circuits in the student exercises. All electrical connections are low voltage DC and are made with the color coded patch cords.

Model: TC2000P-EP

This Electro-Pneumatic trainer is available as a single sided or double-sided unit. This trainer is supplied with a student exercise manual that contains more than 20 exercises and an instructor’s guide. These are provided in printed form and on CD-ROM for in-house reproduction.