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Mechanical Trainer

Model: TC2000MD-1

Mechanical Trainer Front ViewThe mechanical power transmission trainer Model TC2000MD-1 is a complete training aid incorporated into a mobile work station with a built-in, lockable tool chest. There is also a lockable storage cabinet in the end for additional equipment.

The top work surface is fitted with anchor points to securely mount the training modules for hassle-free instruction. The cart has shelves on the back for storage of the training modules when not in use.

Model TC2000MD-1 Front View            

This trainer includes a wide selection of modules that address mechanical power transmission topics such as bearings, friction drive belts, synchronous belts, gears, roller chain, shaft alignment, coupling installation, and lubrication basics.

Mechanical Trainer Back ViewThe training modules are complete with all the necessary tools to perform the instruction exercise. Each of the training modules may be purchased as a stand-alone training aid complete with the necessary tools to perform the training exercise. Purchasing a cart-based trainer with the required modules eliminates redundancy of tools and reduces cost.

              Model TC2000MD-1 Back View