Trainer Types

Mechanical Modules

Pneumatic Trainer

Models: TC2000P-T, TC2000P-S and TC2000P-D

Pneumatic TrainerThis integrated hands-on pneumatic training aid introduces students to basic principles of pneumatics and compressed air devices. This unit is designed to support a large number of student exercises that demonstrate a broad range of pneumatic principles. The associated student exercise manual takes the student step by step through each exercise to create a learning experience that provides a complete and practical introduction to pneumatic technology.

Model: TC2000P-T

All components are securely mounted to an aluminum panel and clearly identified with a description and the proper ANSI symbol. All components are fitted with push-to-connect fittings. Two sizes of plastic tubing are supplied to connect the components to form the circuits in the exercises.

Pneumatic TrainerThese trainers are supplied with a student exercise manual that contains more than 20 exercises and an instructor’s guide. These are provided in printed form and on CD-ROM for in-house reproduction.

Model: TC2000P-S